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Customer Issues & Resolutions

Here are just some of the issues we have resolved and Fixed for our customers.

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More Than One

Customer "Harry", owns both a residence & a holiday home but wanted to keep the same home phone number as he couldnt be in 2 places at once!

We have supplied "Harry"with 2 phones and attached the home number to both. If the home landline is called it will ring and can be answered at the other address.
* Doesnt have to give out a second number
*Doesnt miss home calls

Additionally only 1 cost for the line. 

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No Mobile signal in Farm Office.

The Farm Estate Office 
has no mobile signal, casing issues with having to go outside and take calls -additionally missing calls.

We supplied a VOIP Telephone and attached the mobile to it.

When the mobile number is called simply answer via the VOIP phone
Additionally calls are also routed to mobile when not in office.

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2 Step Verification

Customer "Jenny" has poor mobile reception in the home office, so when purchasing online or banking, she has to go downstairs to retrieve the sms text that is sent.


On "Jenny's" VOIP Phone we "piggybacked" a mobile number. This was then issued as the number for 2 step to be sent to.

Now the Text is sent via the VOIP APP set up on her phone

(using the wifi instead)

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Elderly Relative getting scam calls-Being asked to pay money.

Customer "Andrew" father was taking calls and transferring money to an account which was not know.

We attached his fathers number to his home phone so it rang when his fathers did.
He was able to listen in to the call & as all calls were recorded for 30 days hand information over to bank and authorities.
Additionally he is able to see if his father is taking the calls and can then check up on him if hes not answering them.

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Update coming soon

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Update Coming Soon

Satisfaction Guarantee!

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